Simple CLI prompt for Node

A simple commandline prompt for Node.js

While working on a Node.js automation software I needed to generate some files and code after collecting some information from the user. Most of the modules that I found were a bit of an over-kill, all I wanted was a good old prompt (the browser type) so I decided to write this module.


npm install simple-prompt

How to use

Simple prompt accepts an array of question objects

var prompt = require('simple-prompt');

var questions = [
        question: 'Name',
        required: true // required
        question: 'Surname' //optional
        question: 'Age',
        required: true, // required
        validate: function (answer) {
            return parseInt(answer, 10) >= 18; // only 18 or higher
        filter: function (answer) {
            return parseInt(answer, 10); // bring back my answer as a number

prompt(questions, function (answers) {

Question object

The question object has 4 properties that you can specify:

  • question (String)- label for your question and key for your answer.
  • required (Boolean) - flag to indicated if input is required.
  • validate (Function) - a function that accepts a string and returns a boolean value after testing it.
  • filter (Function) - a function that accepts a string and returns it after doing operations on it.


npm test


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